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Meet the Doctor

Dr. Carlos Sibaja

Dr. Carlos Sibaja earned his degree in 1999 from Ulacit, Costa Rica. He practiced in Costa Rica for three years before moving to the United States. His passion for preventative dentistry started long before he earned his degree. He is passionate about educating his patients on the importance of prevention of oral problems. Dr. Sibaja ensures that his patients are informed enough so that they are able to make informed decisions along side of their dentist.  He practices with extreme care insuring his patients receive the highest level of standards.

He has taken courses from some of the top dentists across the country and loves to pass his knowledge on to his patients.
Dr. Sibaja has a thirst for knowledge and is interested in on going educational courses to insure his patients are not only getting cutting edge information and services, but also the best there is in preventative dentistry. He believes that Prevention IS THE NEXT MEDICINE. His desire is to inform his patients and teach them how to better take care of their mouth, and learn how to prevent future visits when it comes to periodontal problems. 

In his free time he can be found either hanging out with his wife or playing soccer. He is passionate about both! On any given weekend you can find him playing in a competitive soccer game. He is a family man and has very high values about the importance of family time. He is also an avid animal lover and has a beautiful Italian Mastiff at home.

In the future Dr. Sibaja will be hosting community events in an effort to help as many people as he can with his skilled dentistry.



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